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Cuesta An asymmetrical ridge, with a long gentle slope on one side conforming with the dip of underlying strata, and a steep cliff like face on the other side formed by the outcrop of resistant beds.

Cyclothem A series of beds of marine derived sedimentary rocks deposited during cyclic fluctuations in sea level.

Erosion The wearing away of soil and rock by weathering.

Facies The aspect, appearance, and characteristic of a rock unit, usually reflecting on the condition of its origin.

Limestone A sedimentary rock composed of the mineral calcite, derived primarily from marine biologic sources (shell fragments etc.)

Outcrop A surface exposure of a rock unit, can be natural or man made.

Pennsylvanian A geologic time period from approximately 320 to 280 million years ago.

Physiographic - A region in which all parts are similar in geologic and physical structure, and that have similar geomorphic history.

Regression The retreat of a shoreline during a regional decline in sea level.

Sandstone A rock composed of cemented sand.

Sea Level The average elevation of the surface of the sea globally.

Sediment The detrital material that collates to form sedimentary rocks.

Shale - A sedimentary rock composed of very fine grained (frequently clay and silt sized) sediment that is typically thinly bedded and deposited in still waters near shore.

Topography The general configuration of a land surface.

Transgression The advance of a shoreline onto land during a global increase in sea level.